A Man and His Wedding Band

A Man and His Wedding Band

For some men, the classic gold band is a no-brainer. However, for the savvy or the adventurous groom, they are willing to try two-tone, textures and even graphite.

You liked him so much, you put a ring on him – but not just any ring will do.

While the first rings known to man were made for men, were made by the Egyptians in bone and braided grass, and the Romans wore crude iron wedding bands, the modern groom demands quite a bit more.

His options and opinions are as defined as his taste and style; his wedding band will be anything but primitive. Savvy grooms want a designer in tune with the personality trends are busy creating indiviualistic styles with more mass appeal.

Here’s what men need to know to find the “perfect fit”:

Fewer couples are buying matching wedding bands. They may opt for the same metal and choose rings from the same designer, but they are no longer going with the his-and-hers set. This leaves a couple free to pick something truly striking for him wedding band bristol.

Where to Start: Think Shape

Men’s bands come in three basic shapes: flat (both interior and exterior); half-round, (flat exterior, round interior); or comfort fit (round interior, any exterior). Next comes the width, which usually ranges from four to seven millimeters.

Men are becoming bolder when it comes to making a statement with their rings. This boldness includes the scale of the ring, they’re wider, more modern bands and they are gaining more popularity.

A textured ring, whether in a subtle matte finish or a milgrain accent (which looks like a twisted rope) sets his ring apart without being overly flashy.

For eternal elegance and a fiery flare, nothing tops a diamond, even for a man.

A cool look in men’s bands today is the square diamond – a sturdy-looking masculine shape that appeals to guys and gals alike.

If he’s a modest man with an “it’s-on-the-inside-that-counts” motto, consider having the inside of his ring engraved with an inscription or date. A band engraved with the year 2011 becomes an instant heirloom that, if well cared for, will last far into the next millennium.bristol wedding band

Some styles weather wear and tear better than others. Textured bands and those with stones trap dirt, and a sharp blow (is he a die-hard athlete) may chip a stone.

Any ring should be removed when he’s doing rough chores like painting the house or handling chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals (these can pit the metal) or performing major surgery on a greasy Jeep engine.

Most wedding bands can be polished with a chamois cloth, or cleaned with a soft Bristol toothbrush with a few drops of ammonia for shine.

More elaborate rings may call for a commercial cleaner. Or take it back to your jeweler as many offer complimentary cleanings.

Long live a man and his wedding band.

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